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Hurricanes/Virgin Islands Relief

I've relocated to Madison, Wisconsin until the US Virgin Islands recovers enough to a point that my daughter can go to school and have some normalcy and I can make an income there. For now, its the beautiful, progesssive city of MADISON!

The beautiful island of St John is my HOME, and the bond that people share there is so tight, and it was very difficult to leave. I was not leaving, but, my daughters father insisted and actually flew from Seattle into Puerto Rico with chain saws, baby formula , batteries and walkie talkies, and tarps to get on a supply boat out of Fajardo. He made friends with an FBI agent on the boat, and they gave him a ride to find us in Coral Bay. It was a surreal surprise. We evacuated two days later to Puerto Rico via East End Excursions ( thank you from the bottom of my heart<3).. we then flew out on Delta to Chicago, who waived our pets fees..shortly before Maria hit.

Because the Love of my life, Riah, is from Madison, with a big warm and welcoming family. We agreed that this was the town to settle in. For Now? Until there's power back in St John? til Ella goes to College? who knows?

Madison has been one big open armed hug. I'm excited for my daughter as she is very happy at her new school, but, Ive had a few moments of despair because I thought I couldn't help. So, I thought I'd take the advice that I always give my daughter.

If you are worried or stressed..Take action and find a solution. ....

I want to help anyway I can back home on my beautiful island, and I also need to make a living, so I've chosen a few fantastic groups to donate a third of my Fire performance income to. If you book me, you can donate directly to whichever one of these groups you choose.

Check them out! All non profits and doing great things.

If you don't want a fire performance, but, feel like making a huge difference.. consider donating to these reputable sites doing wonderful things directly to St Johnians. If you know of others that are legit and on the ground in St John, feel free to let me know!

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